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Monday, October 17, 2011

World Wombat Day

October the 22nd is World Wombat Day.
My non-Australian readers may not have ever seen a wombat, or even heard of one. So I will tell you a bit about them.
Wombats are very cute, furry animals native to Australia. They are short and stout - growing up to one and a half metres long. They are almost always brown, but there are some grey, black and even sandy coloured wombats in Australia.
Living under what I believe is one of the world's coolest animal names, the wombat is a gentle, slow, patient animal that lives underground. Resembling a small bear, the wombat's placid and nocturnal lifestyle results in only a handful of people seeing one in the wild.
These lovable creatures are often in danger from new buildings and hunters. So, this World Wombat Day, please reach out and sponsor a wombat.

To donate to these gentle animals, please visit http://www.wombatawareness.com/sponsor and make a difference in the world.

Thank you very much and Happy Wombat Day for the 22nd of October!

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