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Friday, November 4, 2011

Global Warming

I think we have all heard of green house gases and the carbon cycle - but do we really know what it all means? Watch the video below that explains it - the video is aimed at children, but it really gets through the meaning of green house gases. Alternatively, read my simple explanation below the video.


Different things are causing global warming - but mostly human life. The cities, the cars, the electricity and the burning of coal all cause global warming. This is how it happens.
The greenhouses gases (the main ones are methane, carbon dioxide and ozone) from a layer around the Earth's atmosphere. Then the sun's rays hit the Earth, and while some light and heat is absorbed, a lot of the rays are reflected back into the atmosphere. When the rays reach the layer formed by the gases, they can't get through, and are trapped in the Earth's atmosphere.
Therefore, the atmosphere - and Earth - is heating up by over 30 degrees Celsius. This is melting the ice at both poles, which means the water levels are rising. Polar animals are dying and we are in danger of floods, fires and overheating.

The solution: Solar power. Hydro power. Wind power. Why are these different to coal? Because they are renewable sources. The sun will always shine, the wind will always blow. But when we burn coal, large amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) are released into the atmosphere, boosting global warming.

That is the simple way of explaining the greenhouse effect. Of course, there is many more..scientific explanations, but that is it in its simplest form.
Now it is up to you - and me - to change it.
Together, we can turn the tables on global warming and let our grandchildren enjoy our Earth. And their children after that, and then those children's children...

Sources: YouTube and Mr Shannon - thank you for everything Mr Shannon, and my apologies if I got it wrong...

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