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Friday, October 28, 2011

Recycling Activity - Sock Puppets

Come on. We all have them - the socks whose partner have been taken by the sock-eating monster in the bottom of the washing machine. Or perhaps yours lives under the cushions on your couch.
Wherever their partner ends up, we all have odd socks. They sit in a bag, a box, a drawer, a cupboard, for days, weeks months and years.
Well, I have news for you. It is time to take out those socks that have been odd for decades, those socks that are doomed to die alone. Yes, everybody - it is those odd socks' time to shine.
From sock to star, from a pile of dust to a puppet. In a few simple steps, everyone, you will have a few more companions in the house and a lot more laughs.
Interested in bring your odd socks out of retirement and recycling them? Teachers, parents - kids love this activity. How do I know? Because I am a kid (well, an immature teenager) and I love making sock puppets.
If you want some fun with old socks click here or here. Or, simply just watch the video below...

To go straight to sock puppet wonderland (aka SocksInc.com) click here.

Let your imagination go wild, let your sense of fun take over, and do some good for the environment. Make a sock puppet today. The bets thing about them is, they can be as simple and easy as a few permanent marker eyes or as intricate and time-consumingly detailed as...well...you tell me! Post a comment describing all your sock puppet creations. I would love to know.



  1. I made some really cute sock puppets for Christmas one year. They still play with them now and then. I used some fuzzy socks and sewed on button eyes and used yarn for hair, etc.

    I'll bet you could make some really fun ones.

  2. Sock puppets are perfect for family entertainment and making sock puppet can be good experience and video you shared is good.
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