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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Save The Tigers

We all have favourite animals. The cute, the funny, the clever... and the beautiful. One of my favourite animals is the tiger, because of its beauty and its courage. 
I love everything about the tiger, from the cute cub that makes you go 'Awww...' to the beautiful, majestic creature that will live forever...
Wait - live forever? No way - not if humans have any say about it.

With less than 3200 tigers - of all breeds - left in the wild, tigers are one of the fastest disappearing species in the world. Already many subspecies have gone extinct.
Now, I want you to scroll through these pictures, and think to yourself:
Do I Want Them To Die?

If we ignore this problem, simply go on with our lives, this whole species will just... disappear. Gone forever - it won't come back.

So, I want to save the tigers, because if I don't, nobody will. But how do I go about saving a whole species?
Easy. Here's some ideas...

Fundraise. As a school, as a business, as a community. Sell cakes, chocolate, anything!
Only eat palm oil free food, or at least try to cut back on your intake so tigers have a home.
Raise awareness! Posters. Emails. Facebook. YouTube. Blogs. Forums. Businesses.

Tell somebody. Its too big a problem to tackle by yourself!
Help everyone you can. It is only when we work together that we can save the tigers!
Encourage your friends to help. Its fun and makes you feel good.

Today. Now. That's when to start. Don't delay, don't procrastinate.
Information is important. Load your mind before taking action.
Get together to design, plan and make a difference.
Everyone has a talent - use yours! Are you musical? Put on a show! Artist? Paint!
Receivers of your raised funds - who will you support?
Sponsors - get local businesses behind you to make a huge difference.

Because they need YOU.


  1. Next year, Emma, I will be directing my students to this web site when we start our planning for fundraising. I'll be able to say, "Hey, this girl is your age and she cares and blogs about it - what about you?" :-)

  2. They are indeed beautiful.
    Blessings, Joanne