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Monday, October 24, 2011

Say No To Bottled Water

How easy is it to run into the supermarket and grab a bottle of water? How easy is it to leave the empty bottle in your car or throw it in a bin and hope it makes it to the recycling centre? In other words, how easy is it to kill thousands of animals? How easy is it to wreck our planet?
It is very easy. In fact, only 1 in 6 plastic bottles ever make it to a recycling bin. The United States use over 1500 plastic bottles every second. That is a lot of bottles that are ending up at the rubbish dump, or, even worse, in the environment.
Don't buy bottled water. Use a bubble tap or a tap at your house. It saves the environment and your money, because tap water, on average, is 500 times cheaper than bottled water.

For craft activities that recycle plastic bottles click here. Among my favourite activities were the piggy bank, ship in a bottle, apple paperweight, dome garden display and bird feeder. Enjoy saving the environment! Click here for a list of 10 Reasons to Say No to Bottled Water. Alternatively, click here for a statistic-packed fact sheet on saying no to bottled water.

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