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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Say No to Palm Oil

Some readers may remember one of my early posts - Primates Helping Primates. In this post, I touched on the danger orangutans are in and the importance of buying palm-oil free products.
For those who didn't read my post, I'll skim over the situation again.
Orangutans are going extinct because their homes have been destroyed to make palm oil. Palm oil is in many products, and buying items containing palm oil is supporting the organisations who are destroying the orangutan's homes.
And yet it is not so easy to shop palm oil free - you can't just scan the label, read the ingredients. Why? Because manufacturers who use palm oil usually list it as vegetable oil.
Click here for a list of palm oil free products. Click here for a free fold up wallet card that tells you all the names palm oil is labelled under.
Now you know. Now you can change it.
Don't turn your back on the survival of orangutans. They are our cousins. Say no to palm oil and guarantee them a better future.

Thank you.

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