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Friday, December 30, 2011

What Will 2012 Bring?

Christmas is over for another year, and now our (somewhat tired) eyes turn towards the dawn of 2012. What new challenges lie over the horizon? What new friends will we make, what will we achieve? What will we be defeated by, and what will we overcome? What will we change in our world, with a fresh start and a clean slate before us?
The answers to these questions will not be known until 2012 is upon us. Even then, we must strive to be our best, dou our best, show our best - for only then can we make a true difference.
So, today, if you haven't already, I ask you to create a New Years Resolution.
Perhaps you will vow to drive less, take public transport more and reduce carbon emissions.
Perhaps you will vow to only buy FairTrade chocolate and coffee, and take a stand against slave labour.
Perhaps you will vow to volunteer at a local charity or petshelter and help others around you.
Perhaps you will vow to take shorter showers and never buy bottled water, save Earth's resources.
Perhaps you will vow to always remember your green bags when you go shopping, and save waste.
Perhaps you will vow to sponsor an underprivileged child, an endangered species.
Perhaps you will vow to donate to a charity once a month, once every six months.
Perhaps you will just vow to be a better person, a better friend.
Whatever your New Years Resolution challenges you to do, please share it with us. Comment on this post - what is your resolution and how will you keep it?
So, everyone, let us embrace the New Year, dig deep, and Be The Change in 2012!

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