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Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome To The Christmas Season!

Welcome To The 2011 Christmas Season!

Yes, I know - how has it crept up on us when shops have been selling baubles and tinsel and Christmas trees since August? But however it has crept on us, it is here. The month of gift giving and  planning, Mum's Christmas pudding (yessss!!!) and turkey. The month we have all been counting down to (well, I have, anyway). The month school ends for the year! Yay!
Anyway, in most families I know there is a frantic rush for presents towards the end - looking for that something that is 'simply perfect, you know just perfect' or that something that 'he'll simply love..'
Well, this Christmas buy a FairTrade gift that will be simply perfect, and he'll simply love.
I have cheated a bit, I admit. Browsing the best site in the world, Google, I found two gorgeous online shops that stock FairTrade prezzies...and I am going to make them both the FairTrade Shop of The Moment (see the right hand coloumn on my blog, if you are recieving this by email) as well as another one I think you should consider.
For my much appreciated readers that are reading this via email, I will post links to the sites right here and now.

  1. Gifts From The Village - a great site. Just looking around the site, I saw lots of cute gifts that will be perfect for that someone you need to buy a gift for...
  2. Ethical Gifts - an amazing site filled with some of the coolest things I have seen all year. Definitely check it out!
  3. Oxfam - yes, I know most of have heard of it, but maybe it is time to seriously consider buying a life changing gift. For those who haven't heard of it, you buy things for impoverished families... a goat, a cow, an education. Choose your price range and change a life! Check it out as soon as you have finished reading this post! If you don't fancy the first Oxfam link, which takes you to Oxfam Unwrapped, then click here for adorable FairTrade gifts from all over the world.
My opinion: Buying gifts from Oxfam will make the person you give it to really good - and you'll feel good too. There is just something about giving a impoverished family a way to gain income. Ethical Gifts... well, all I can say is wow. It's a beautiful site, and there isn't something on the site I wouldn't want. They are all FairTrade - and did I mention beautiful??? And, lastly, Gifts From The Village. First of all, I love the layout of the site. It makes shopping for the cute gifts fun and easy. Secondly... the gifts are really, really cool.

I read in a magazine that one extended family pooled the money they previously used on Kris Kringle gifts and bought presents for people in Third World Countries instead, through Oxfam. Maybe something to think about....?

1 comment:

  1. Great idea, Emma! Especially the virtual gifts from Oxfam. Oxfam Unwrapped is terrific as is TEAR Australia's Useful Gifts catalogue. If you want to do physical gifts for your friends as well, why not make them? This year I'm giving my friends home-made truffles using fair trade chocolate. Yum! Oxfam has some great fair trade chocolate.