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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This post marks the twentieth post on this blog. To celebrate, I am including this list of 20 things you can do to change the world. Inspired by the list at http://www.lyved.com/life/20-ways-to-change-the-world/ 

20 Ways to Change the World

1 – Adopt – Adopt someone. Why? It shows that there are people out there who truly care, and it will change your life as well as the adopted. You don't have to adopt a baby - adopt a child, a teenager... don't just make their day, make their life!
2 – Just Be Nice – It sounds easy and simple and it is. However, it makes a huge difference in the world, so just let go - smile, laugh, open doors for people and let your compliments fly! What goes around comes around, so be nice and it will improve everyone's lives - including yours.
3 – Donate – You can donate so much. Time, money, food, blood... To donate time, visit http://www.landcareonline.com.au/ . To donate money, visit http://www.caritas.org.au  or http://www.oxfam.org.au/. To donate food, visit your local St. Vincent De Paul store or play the free quiz game at http://freerice.com/ - for every answer you get right, FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice to charity. 
4 – Be Positive – Smile! There is a silver lining on every cloud - you just have to look. Find it and bring some positivity into the world!
5 – Listen – Listening can heal heartache almost as well as chocolate! Listening teaches people a lot, and being listened to can make a world of difference to your self esteem. So listen. Even if it is your maths teacher explaining how to divide fractions (flip the second fraction and multiply denominators together and numerators together).
6 – Start a Business – Yes, it makes money. And yes, you could be famous. But you could do more than that. Employ the people that society ignores, donate proceeds, or some of them, to charity. Make a difference!
7 – Create Art – Write. Draw. Sing. Act. Paint. Make the world a brighter, more interesting place to live. Arts provoke positivity - so paint the world!
8 – Get Vocal – Speak out! It can be as big as holding a rally or leading a protest, or as small as writing letters to your local newspaper editor or sending letters. For a start, email the link of this blog to ten friends and tell them to pass it on - raise awareness and change the world, guys! Silence doesn't help anything except a sleeping baby.
9 – Be a Great Parent – Teach your children about the world and about how they can change it. Teach them to love, to listen, to understand and to speak out for justice.
10 - Pick Up Trash – Saving the world, one packet of Cheese and Bacon Balls at a time. Or are we destroying the world? For no one seems to pick up rubbish or put it in the bin in the first place. Come on guys! We can do this! We can fix the mess we have made and regain our pride. And our future.
11 – Talk – Talk small talk. 'Hello. My name is Emma. Nice day, isn't it. Oh, that breeze is chilly. Cute dog you have there.' Or talk big talk. Talk about yourself, your life, your beliefs. Then listen in return, as they did for you.
12 – Be an Inspiration – Live on the edge guys! Inspire others - write a book or paint a picture, turn the three somersaults in a row someone said you never would. Then blog about it and inspire even more!
13 – Become a Teacher – You don't have to have a Bachelor of Education. You can teach your kids, or your friends, or your neighbours... teach about life, from life, for life. Of course, becoming a certified school teacher is an amazing ambition - it changes to so many lives. Not old enough to be a school teacher? Then appreciate the ones that teach you.
14 – Become a Surrogate Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Whatever – There are children out there who are alone. No mother, no father. Abandoned. You can help. Fill the gap and be that someone they never had - visit http://www.bbbs.org for more information.
15 – Vote – Vote in your local elections and national elections. Vote for justice and a candidate that will follow through. Vote knowing that some change is for the better.
16 – Don’t Be Judgmental- Come on guys! We have all done it. We have all judged the book by it's cover - seen the girl with glasses (me) and immediately thought "nerd". Don't do it! It makes people feel awful, and it can lead to circumstances as serious as suicide. So get to know people before you judge them.
17 – Travel the World – Travel around the world and experience new places. Help other cultures and experience other worlds... change your life and be inspired. There are also so many different ways to travel. By foot with a swag and a tent; by caravan; by motor-home; by plane; by boat or by car. Life is there to be lived guys!

18 – Dream & Do: Dream of a better world then go out there and create it. Dreams become reality with enough work and determination.
19 – Focus – Think it, and do it - you can if you just FOCUS. Breathe, concentrate, and change the world.
20 – Do Something With Your Life! – Like I said before - life is there to be lived. So go out there, have fun and change the world while you do it. Go do that thing! Go chase that dream!
Some of these numbers will have a great impact on your life - for example numbers 1 and 6 - but some will only have a small impact on you, for example number 3. The only impact to you, apart from a small sacrifice, will be a pleasant feeling of achievement, pride and satisfaction - because you have truly changed someone's life.


  1. I need to work on listening!

  2. Thank you Joanne. It was inspired by da list at http://www.lyved.com/life/20-ways-to-change-the-world/ - so check out this site!!!
    Ma - I think we all need to work on our listening! :) I'm more of a talker, to tell you the truth...