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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Almost Finished...

There is 100 days left of 2011. To recognize this, I am creating an acrostic poem for things you can do before the end of 2011. Be the Change!

Offer to do something for someone - mow the lawn for a neighbour, clean your sister's cupboard.
Notice something nice about everybody you see - and tell them the nice things you see.
Eat as a family - everybody at the same time, at the same table. We need family.

Hug someone you love.
Understand somebody's problems and try to help them.
Notes - send an email, a letter or just a scribbled message to someone and make their day.
Drop by on someone you haven't seen for a while and say hello.
Read something to someone - a story, poem, song, or your favourite post on this blog! :)
End an argument before it can begin - be kind, compassionate and understanding.
Dare to be different - say hello to someone who is ignored, wear something unique.

Dance with someone - whether a crazy, jumping dance, a waltz or the chicken dance - just have fun!
Ask someone if they want to hang out with you.
Yummy - bake or cook something and sell it in a bake stall, with all proceeds going to a charity.
Say "I Love You" to someone you love.

100 days to go. The countdown begins now.
Ready.... Set... BE THE CHANGE!

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