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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

R U OK? Day

Hello everybody! :)
It hasn't been very long since my last post, but tomorrow is a pretty important day.
If you've been a long term subscriber to this blog, you may have read this post when R U OK? Day came around last year.

So, what exactly is R U OK? Day?
R U OK? Day is a day to check up on the people around you. A day to make sure they're coping, they're happy, they're okay. 

What do we do on R U OK? Day?
It's simple! Just ask a friend, family member or peer a quick question. 'R U OK?' You can ask them in anyway you want - in person, by phone, by social networking services, even by sending them a cute e-card

How is this supposed to help people?
In today's world, you would be surprised at the number of people who hide their problems, troubles, fears and insecurities behind a fake smile. And you'd be even more surprised at how many people fall for it, day in, day out. When you're feeling down or upset or even coping with depression or suicidal thoughts, it's really, really important to know somebody cares. And those three little words, 'R U OK?' can actually mean a whole lot - because they show somebody is looking out for you.

So, tomorrow, the 13th of September, ask people if they're okay. It could mean more than you think.

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