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Friday, September 14, 2012

Can Someone Explain This To Me?

Why is it okay to bully people to the point of depression? Why is it okay to bully people across the internet? Why is it okay to bully anyone, anywhere at anytime? 
Could someone please explain this to me?

Give me a word document and ask for a rant about animal abuse, and I'll give you a few pages. 
Give me a word document and ask for a rant about racism, and I'll give you almost ten.
But give me a word document and ask for a rant about bullying or mental health and I'll give you not only a novel, but an entire series with prequels and prologues and a side series just because I can.

I. Just. Don't. Get. It.
But I am not going to turn this blog post into a full on rant, because there will be another time and place for that. Perhaps.

So I am going to wrap this post up with a short video that I beg you to watch. It will take less than twelve minutes of your life, and it is so inspiring that is worth it. Set aside some time to watch it start to finish. :)

By the way, mark this in your diary! Mental Health Week is from the 7th to 13th of October, and Mental Health Day is the 10th. So stay tuned, everyone! <3

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