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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What Are You Going To Do About It?

In my last post, I briefly outlined the problem of global warming - now the ball is in your court, it is time to get off the bleachers and do something about it.
What are YOU going to do about it? Yes, you. No, not the person next to you. Not your parents. Not your siblings. You. You can make a difference.
Save electricity. Save money. Save our planet. Be a hero.

Be powered by renewable sources. Hydro power, wind power, solar power - cheaper. And greener.
Exercise! Walk instead of driving. Or, if you can't ride or walk, take public transport.

Always turn lights off when you are not using them. I should work on that...

Heat yourself! Ditch the heater and find a blanket, a coat, a dressing gown or someone to hug.
Eat by natural light. Open the windows, let in the sun! Soak in the beautiful and free light.
Replace blown lightbulbs with energy efficent ones - this will save time and electricity.
Off instead of standby. A TV on standby uses a lot of unnecessary energy - and money.

There are 6973696682 people in the world. More, perhaps, by the time I publish this. If we all tried to cut back on electricity use, how much of a difference could we make?
Do it for the animals. Do it for yourself. But, most of all, do it for the generations to come.

Leave a comment if you have any other energy saving tips. Thank you!

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